Clearing my Good Name
The Internet Slander Against Me
“If you have enemies, it means you've stood up
for something sometime in your life."

 --Winston Churchill

May 2016

Moshe Handler of Brooklyn, NY is again slandering me. He is angry I exposed his relationship with the phoney kabbalist Yitzhak Kimmel, a man who collected money from innocent people in exchange for "blessings." (Fortune telling like this is a crime in New York State, it's a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail for each charge).

Handler worked to bring in people to Kimmel, and insomuch he lost money because I exposed him. In retaliation, and with gross stupidity, Handler has made a website where he posts lies about me, attempting to make me look like a bad guy.  This 60+ year old man, spends his days making up lies and accusations about me, then posting them on Facebook. He calls me names, makes absolute bizarre statements, and most recently has made threatening statements which have been deemed so dangerous, I had to file a police report. Right now, my attorney, a former State prosecuter, is preparing to deal with him.

Note: Here is an article on fake rabbis and their "blessings." They quote me in this national Jewish newspaper, The Forward .

March 2015

Around early 2012 I wrote written OP/ED about a certain rabbi who made money by telling people their fortunes, etc. This quickly sparked outrage by the rabbi's assistant Mr. Moshe Handler of Brooklyn, NY. You see, if you talk about a rabbi--he may lose business and not make money. As Handler works for the rabbi--this would affect Handler's bottom line.

Immediately Handler posted a blog where he spoke pure lies and legally defamed me, he even posted a photo of me.
In good faith, I immediately took my OP/ED down and erased it--but Handler never took the lies down about me--as a matter of fact, the outrageous lies continued. He says I'm a guy name Kevin, that I went to a Christian Seminary and I'm not Jewish that I'm a missionary, that I am abusive to women--all of this is lies.

I had requested Mr. Handler just remove the all of the lies and "discussion" he posted about me (as in good faith I had erased the OP/ED I wrote)--but to no avail. His lies continued and so in December 2013 I hired an attorney to clear my good name.

My attorney and I are in the process of suing Mr. Handler for defamation and libel in the State of New York Supreme Court. He received a Cease and Desist letter, but stupidly (there is no better word), ignored it. This will work against him in court.

It is absolutely amazing how some people will want to join in an uphill battle instead of just erasing the material (on both sides), and moving forward in life. I did, Handler has not.

Cease & Desist Letter

Cease & Desist Letter

Return Reciept signed by member of the Hander home